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Maintenance Kit

Maintenance Kit

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To ensure optimal maintenance of your Veloci e-bike, we recommend the Veloci maintenance kit, created in collaboration with Belgian company Morgan Blue, renowned for producing high-quality cycling products. This kit, designed for easy and efficient bike cleaning, includes a chain cleaner, chain brush, bicycle shampoo, and chain oil.

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The Veloci e-bike maintenance kit will be delivered to your doorstep within 14 days of ordering.

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To maintain your Veloci e-bike in the best possible way, we recommend to maintain your electric bike regularly.

With the Veloci maintenance kit your e-bike will be clean again in no time.

In cooperation with the Belgian company Morgan Blue, which has been around for over 20 years, who are focusing and producing and products for bicycles and cyclists that meet the highest quality standards we are delighted to offer you the Veloci e-bike maintanance kit that provides you everything you need to keep your e-bike clean!

The Veloci maintenance set contains:
• Chain cleaner
• Chain brush
• Bicycle shampoo
• Chain oil

Click below to learn how to correctly take care of your Veloci e-bike!