Key technical specifications

Our Veloci electric bikes combine the highest technical specifications with an elegant and timeless design. 

Our Veloci e-bikes are equipped with an electric motor which assists you when you are peddling. The motor is getting its power from a rechargeable battery mounted on the bike. All our Veloci e-bikes are pedal-assisted - how much power the motor delivers is regulated based on how hard you are pedalling and the level of support you have selected.

Find out more about all the technical parts on our bikes below

The motor in our Veloci e-bikes

Powerful, quiet and perfectly integrated in our Veloci electric bikes - these are the attributes of the
Bafang M-Series mid-drive engines and the AKM hub engine.

  • M300 mid-drive engine

    The compact Bafang M300 mid-motor proves to be a high-performing, smooth, silent and economic engine – weighing just 3.6kg at 250W rated power output and 80Nm torque, it is perfectly suited for light touring and leisure cycling on our Veloci e-bikes.

    The M300 engine is IP65 waterproof*, CE / ROHS / EN14766 / EN14764 certified and is advised to use between -20℃ to + 45℃ degrees.

    Our Veloci Solid, Vivid, Spirit and Hopper are equipped with the M300 Bafang mid-engine.

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* IP65 Waterproof

What is an IP Rating?
An IP Rating (Ingress Protection Rating) is the rating used to classify the different levels of sealing effectiveness provided by an electrical enclosure against foreign bodies such as objects, water, dirt, etc.

IP65   =  First Digit – Solids

The first digit indicates the level of protection that the enclosure provides against the ingress of solid foreign objects.

6 - Totally protected against dust.

IP65   =  Second Digit – Liquids

The second digit defines the protection of the equipment inside the enclosure against various forms of moisture.

5 - Protected against low pressure jets of water from all directions, limited ingress permitted.

What is IP65 waterproofing?

IP65 is not waterproof – it is water resistant.
Products that carry an IP65 rating cannot be submerged and maintain their protections.

Brake systems

The braking system is one of the most critical parts of your Veloci e-bike related to the stopping performance and safety features.

  • Tektro V-brakes

    Tektro C310 V-Brake

    Dimensions: 20.5 - 36.5 mm

    Pads: 827.12 (55 mm)

    Our Veloci Vivid, Spirit and Hopper are equipped with Tektro V-brakes.

  • Tektro hydraulic brakes

    HD-E350 hydraulic disc brake

    Calliper: Forged aluminium body

    Pads: Low-noise resin pad

    Our Veloci Solid is equipped with a Tektro hydraulic disc brake.

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V-brake pads

V-brakes are the longest and most commonly used brake system on bicycles and e-bikes.

V-brakes are side actuated, with the cable housing fixed to one arm by a ‘noodle’, and the inner cable clamped to the other. As the cable is pulled through the housing, the two arms are drawn towards one another, moving the pads towards the rim.

V-brakes were introduced at a time when suspension was becoming more common and, as a V-brake system does not require a fixed cable stop on the frame or fork, they quickly became popular on road-, mountain and e-bikes.

• V-Brakes are a lot less expensive than disc brakes.
• They are easy to maintain and replace, even on the go.
• V-Brakes add no strain on the hubs or spokes.
• Spare brake pads and braking components are easily available in the market.
• V-brakes are very easy to adjust.

Hydraulic disc brakes

While hydraulic brakes seem much more complicated than mechanical disc brakes, the reality is, they’re really not.

They use the same technology that’s been in cars or motorcycles since the 1920s. On a bicycle, the hydraulic lever engages a plunger that pushes brake fluid from the master cylinder in the lever body through the brake line. This is a sealed system, so the master cylinder and line are full of brake fluid. The pressure in the line engages the pistons in the brake calliper, which pushes the two brake pads against the rotor.

The reason hydraulic disc brakes are more powerful than mechanical disc brakes is that the master cylinder multiplies the force put into the brake lever through the line, creating more braking force than what was applied at the brake lever. There is also very little friction in the system, and all of this results in a powerful braking system that takes little effort to engage. Most hydraulic brakes can be operated with just one finger, which frees up the others for better handlebar control, resulting in less hand fatigue on long rides.

• Hydraulic disc brakes are more powerful and faster at stopping.
• There’s less force required, resulting in less hand fatigue.
• There’s very little adjustment required because callipers/pistons self-adjust.
• Hydraulic disc brakes have a smoother operation because there is no cable friction.
• Because hydraulic brakes use sealed fluid, dirt can’t get inside, making them pretty much maintenance-free.
• More stopping power = More efficient
• Lighter and more consistent.
• You can ride faster because you can stop faster.
• More technologically advanced.

Gear systems

Our Veloci e-bikes are equipped with gear systems from the specialist Shimano.

  • Shimano Nexus 8-Speed Hub Gear System

    Internal Shimano Nexus Gear-hub

    NEXUS C6000 Series

    Driving efficiency: High

    Gear change support mechanism: Yes

    Silent clutch: Yes

  • Shimano Tourney 7 with derailleur

    Shimano Tourney with derailleur

    Index: SIS rear index shifting

    Sprockets: SGS cage with wide range gearing and 34 tooth sprockets

    Support: long service life and little noise

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Shimano Nexus 8-Speed Hub Gear System

The Shimano Nexus 8 Hub offers a safe „drum“ for the gears. The Nexus 8-speed transmission offers an excellent range of gears and an easy gear shifter by simply twisting the Shimano Revo.
You can change one gear at a time or shift from top to bottom (or vice versa) in one twist. Unlike a derailleur, you can shift gear when the bike is stationary – this is useful if you have to stop at the lights halfway up a hill – no more setting off in too high a gear.

The enclosing of the gear mechanism inside the rear hub makes for a more weather-resistant transmission and in addition to that, the lack of derailleurs removes one of the more vulnerable parts of a bike - the rear mechanism and/or its hanger often take the hit if the bike is knocked over). The fact that the chain does not spend its life being derailed from cog to cog improves its life expectancy too. With its single chainring and single rear cog a Shimano Nexus setup offers much of the simplicity and the minimalist aesthetic of a single-speed bike.

Find out more about the Shimano Nexus 8-Speed Internal Hub Gear System here.