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Welcome to Veloci, your gateway to affordable e-biking adventures in
Ireland. Experience style, performance, and affordability with our top
e-bikes, Veloci Solid, Vivid and Hopper, designed with innovative features and
tailored designs for Irish riders. Whether commuting or leisurely
cycling, Veloci Sport and Vivid have got you covered.

Collection: Most Popular E-bikes

Discover The Veloci Sport and The Veloci Vivid: Your Gateway to Affordable & Reliable E-Biking Adventures

The Veloci Sport, a sleek, sporty e-bike in 'Anthracite Grey,' offers a lightweight frame, upgraded suspension, and powerful disc brakes. Its innovative downtube battery ensures a smooth ride and balanced weight distribution. This unisex, one-size model suits riders 165cm – 190cm tall.

The Veloci Vivid, in 'Crater Grey,' revolutionizes e-bikes with an integrated battery hidden in the aluminium frame. Enjoy effortless cycling with the Bafang M300 motor, Shimano Tourney gears, and Schwalbe Road Cruiser K-Guard tires. With up to 120 km range and five assistance levels, the Veloci Vivid is perfect for all adventures.

Experience unmatched convenience and style with the Veloci Hopper Folding Electric Bike, which is perfect for riders from 155cm to 185cm tall. Boasting a foldable design, trendy 'Crater Grey' colour, and a remarkable 120 km range, this compact e-bike is your ultimate urban companion and adventure partner.

Whether commuting, exploring the countryside, or leisurely cycling, The Veloci Vivid, Sport and Hopper have you covered.

Embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle with Veloci, and don't miss out on our best-selling e-bikes, all within the €1,500 Cycle to Work threshold. Experience top-notch quality without breaking the bank as you upgrade your daily commute, leisure rides, and green transportation with Veloci – the gateway to a healthier, sustainable way of living that you simply can't afford to miss!