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Bicycle Side Mirror

Bicycle Side Mirror

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For safety while cycling in traffic, it is highly recommended to attach a mirror to your Veloci e-bike, as it allows you to view your surroundings and blind spots. This fully adjustable mirror can be easily attached to either end of the handlebar, ensuring visibility while keeping your eyes on the road ahead.

Shipping & Delivery

The side mirror for your Veloci e-bike will be delivered to your doorstep within 14 days of ordering.

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• Mirror width: 10.6 cm

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Safety is something often overlooked on an e-bike but when cycling in traffic you can't be too careful, hence we highly recommend attaching at least one mirror to your Veloci e-bike.

Side mirrors on your e-bike will allow you to view your surroundings and the all-important blind spots

This mirror easily attaches to either the left or the right end of your handlebar and is fully adjustable so you can always see around you whilst still looking straight ahead.

Made of unbreakable and corrosion-resistant glass

• The mirror is light-dimming

• Made of high-quality black plastic

• The mirror is fitted with flat glass

• No image distortion

• Stainless bolts and metal parts

• Reflector on the front

Recommended for electric bicycles

• Easily adjustable for any angle

• Attachable on the right handlebar as well as on the left handlebar

• Brand: Mirage