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What to know before getting an e-bike?

Electric bikes are becoming more popular by the day and more and more people are interested in purchasing one. It comes as no surprise as to why e-bikes are so popular:

E-bikes will support you in your daily commutes, whether these are long or short, uphill or on a straight path, an e-bike lets you ride effortlessly past other cyclists without breaking too much of a sweat. What’s more, they’re opening up cycling to wider age groups and demographics – increasing the number of bikes on our streets. And most importantly they’re fun!

With the popularity of e-bikes rising there is a multitude of different e-bikes on offer which can sometimes be slightly overwhelming to find the right bike for your needs. Just like regular bicycles, there are options for just about every style of riding. Manufacturers are constantly developing lighter, longer-lasting batteries with increased range and price tags have been falling, too. 

So, to find the perfect e-bike for you and your needs we have gathered five main areas we believe everyone should consider before buying and choosing an e-bike.

Your reason for getting an e-bike

Firstly, you should think about where and when you are going to be using your e-bike.

Do you live in a city that will require the bike to be regularly lifted and downstairs, and other general commuting demands? Or maybe you live somewhere more remote, and will be looking to take it off-road or for long commutes?

What will you be carrying on your e-bike? Electric bikes are great for carrying extra loads for your commute to the shop or to work, thanks to the extra help from the motor. Most e-bikes come with standard bike racks on which you can easily mount pannier bags – check out our Veloci pannier bags here.

Another thing you need to think about is the distance you are planning to cycle on your e-bike. Whether it is for your daily commute to work or for a leisure cycle along the beautiful Irish countryside or Greenways the range and weight of your battery is another important factor that can play a big role when deciding which model of bike you are going to choose.

Once you have narrowed down the criteria you can decide between five different categories of e-bikes:

  • Electric road bikes
  • Electric mountain bikes
  • Electric hybrid bikes
  • Folding electric bikes
  • Electric cargo bikes. 

E-road bikes and E-mountain bikes both are more for performance-focused cyclists. Both are great for going out on long rides and are designed for speed. Therefore, they’re limited for rack options and in general might not be as comfortable for commuting.

Hybrid electric bikes are a great option for city and leisure cycling. They’ve got a suitable upright seating position to suit casual riding and are great for daily commuting. They’re also the cheapest entry into e-bikes. Is a hybrid e-bike the right bike for you? Check out our e-bike selection here.

Another great leisure and commuting electric bike is a foldable e-bike. A foldable electric bike comes in handy when you only have limited storage space available or would like to go on travels with your e-bike. Even though foldable bikes are smaller than regular hybrid e-bikes, one might think this will reduce the mileage you can cycle with your bike. But that is not always the case! Bizbike has designed a foldable e-bike with which you can get the same distance as a hybrid bike! Check out our Veloci Hopper and see for yourself!

Battery size and power

All e-bikes use different versions of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. It’s the same technology used in electric vehicles. They’re quick to charge with a relatively low overall weight. Our Veloci e-bikes are equipped with a Phyllion Lithium-Ion battery. Want to know more about them? Subscribe to our newsletter and stay up to date!

Batteries can be placed in a few different positions on an e-bike. Most commonly the battery is attached to the down tube, where it can be easily accessed and removed, like on our Veloci Sport. Sometimes it can also be attached to the top of a rear rack – as seen in our Veloci Hopper and Veloci Spirit.

In more expensive models the battery is integrated into the downtube. This makes for a cleaner finish but does come at a cost. On our Veloci Vivid and Veloci Solid the battery has been integrated into the downtube.

For battery size, a general rule is to simply look out for the best size and quality your budget allows for. The capacity will be measured in Watt hours (Wh), which is important when considering the range of your e-bike.


The range on your e-bike is influenced by your battery. How much distance you can cover with one charge is depending on several different factors, such as the age of the battery, where the battery is stored or the weather condition. The longer your range, the less you’ll have to charge your battery.

In practice, there are many more variables. For one, you won’t ever have the battery operating at full power all the time. It’s more likely you’ll use different modes. Some will have eco modes to give you a longer life, for instance. 


The weight of electric bikes is heavier than that of a normal bike. This plays an important role when deciding which electric bike is best for you.
If you’re a road cyclist looking, then you’ll likely be looking for a lighter-weight bike. This is an area where despite the extra motor assistance, the weight will still impact the performance and handling of the bike.
More realistically, the weight of an e-bike will have more of an effect when you aren’t cycling the e-bike. If you’ve got to carry your bike upstairs, on and off busy public transport, or even onto a rack on your car, the extra weight will be hard to manage day-to-day.

E-bikes have evolved a lot, especially in the past few years and aren’t as heavy as they used to be. But they are more on the heavier side of bikes.


E-bikes are no longer luxury products but are available for anyone who would like to purchase one. With different categories, from entry-level commuter bikes to high-tech road and mountain bikes the market offers a wide range suitable for everyone's needs. While electric bikes will be more expensive than normal road bikes the benefits an e-bike offers are wide!

Ultimately, the price will be dictated by how much you think you’ll use the bike, and of course, your budget. Incentives from the government or financing options are becoming more common and making it easier for everyone to enjoy the benefits of an e-bike. Check out if your employer is signed up for a cycle-to-work scheme, then get yourself down to a bike shop and see what options are available.


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