Veloci Sport electric hybrid bike available for sale. Veloci Sport in the colour "Anthracite Grey"

Upgrade Your Cycling Game with Veloci's Electric Bikes: The Ultimate Guide to Pedal Assist, Motors, Batteries, Sensors, and Displays

Looking to upgrade your cycling game? Look no further than Veloci's electric bikes! If you're unfamiliar with the concept of electric bikes, fear not! We're here to break down the technical jargon and give you the low-down on what makes an electric bike so special.

Pedal Assist: Your Personal Trainer on Two Wheels

At the core of any electric bike is the electric motor, battery, sensor and display. The magic begins with the pedal assist feature - this is where the electric motor kicks in to amplify your pedal power. So, with every pedal you take, you'll feel like you're getting one pedal for free! It's like having your very own personal trainer on your bike.

Our Veloci e-bikes come with five different assistant levels, so you can customize your ride to your specific needs. Need a little help tackling that steep hill? Crank up the assistance level to make it a breeze. Want to get a little workout in? Turn off the pedal assist and feel the burn!

The Motor: Your Superhero Sidekick

The motor is the heart of the electric bike, and our Veloci e-bikes come equipped with a Bafang mid-drive engines (M200 and M300) for maximum stability. And on our latest model, the Veloci Compact, we've installed a rear-hub engine, which provides a great electrical support for short distances. With the motor's torque, you'll feel like a superhero as you effortlessly tackle hills and headwinds.

The Battery: Powering Your Ride

The battery on our Veloci e-bikes is a Phylion Lithium Battery or a Samsung Lithium battery on the Veloci Compact. And charging your battery is as easy as plugging in your laptop. Simply plug it into the wall and let it charge for five to six hours.

The Sensor: Making it All Work Together

The speed sensor is what engages the motor when you begin pedaling, and our Veloci e-bikes use a speed sensor that's located on the back wheel of the bike. But the real star of the show is the display!

The Display: Your Command Center on Two Wheels

Our Veloci e-bikes come equipped with a Bafang display that provides you with all the information you need to know before, during and after your ride. You can keep track of your speed, mileage, and assistance level all from one place. And the cherry on top? You can even charge your phone directly from the display!

With all these amazing features working together, riding an electric bike has never been easier. So why not upgrade your cycling game with a Veloci e-bike today?

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Excellent blog and great insights into what makes a Veloci e-bike, Veloci.

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