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Veloci Vivid Outlet

Veloci Vivid Outlet

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The Veloci Vivid is a pioneering electric bike from Veloci that combines state-of-the-art technology and superior design, featuring a seamlessly integrated battery and a sleek aluminum frame. Boasting of the dependable Bafang M300 mid-drive motor, Shimano Tourney gears, and Schwalbe Road Cruiser K-Guard tires, it offers a remarkable range of 120 km on a single charge, available in 'Crater Grey' color, making it an ideal companion for both city commutes and leisure rides.

Please see the FAQ section for further details on outlet e-bikes from Veloci.

Delivery & Returns

The delivery of your Veloci outlet e-bike will be carried out to your doorstep within 14 days of ordering. 

The delivery includes:

• The bike is taken out of the box or is already being delivered fully assembled

• The saddle and handlebars are adjusted

• The Pedals are installed correctly

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Outlet e-bikes Standards

What can you expect from our outlet e-bikes?

Gold standard
Veloci gold standard e-bikes have the following attributes: 
• Mileage below 250KM
• No to minor paintwork damage on the e-bike
• No to minor usage signs, e.g., scratches and dents on the e-bike
• All electrical components in fully functioning condition
• The bike is delivered fully assembled and potentially unboxed

Silver standard
Veloci silver standard e-bikes have the following attributes
• Mileage above 250KM
• On occasion, minor to moderate paintwork damage on the e-bike
• On occasion minor to moderate usage signs, e.g., scratches and dents on the e-bike
• All electrical components in fully functioning condition
• The bike is delivered fully assembled and, in most cases, unboxed

Reassuring Guarantee

• Lifetime warranty on the frame for both gold and silver standard outlet bikes.

• One-year warranty on electrical and non-electrical parts for gold standard e-bikes.

• Six months warranty on electrical and non-electrical components for silver standard e-bikes

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The Veloci Vivid electric bike is Veloci’s first electric bike for sale with an integrated battery. 
Veloci has been closely monitoring innovations in the electric bike industry, and by concealing the battery within the aluminium frame, the overall aesthetics and feel of the Veloci Vivid have improved significantly. 

The Veloci Vivid has all the loved traits of the Veloci Spirit, like the Bafang M300 mid-drive motor, the Shimano Tourney gears, and Schwalbe Road Cruiser K-Guard tires making the Veloci Vivid ideal for commuting or leisurely cycling. The final addition to the Veloci Vivid is that the electric bike comes in our signature Veloci brand colour, crater grey.

The Veloci Vivid has a range of up to 120 km on a full charge and has five different assistance levels to support you on every journey, whether cycling in the city or exploring the Irish countryside.

The Veloci Vivid electric bike comes in the colour ‘Crater Grey’.

Unique Features on the Veloci Vivid
• Extra stability due to an integrated downtube battery

• Battery controlled through the display control panel

• New Veloci signature colour 'Crater grey'

• Shimano Tourney 7 gear system

Long distances on your Veloci Vivid e-bike
• Exceptionally long range up to 120 km

• 36 V – 13 AH Phylion battery with integrated Battery Management System

• The battery is easily removable, thanks to click in and out feature

Silent and powerful Bafang mid-drive motor 
• 5 support levels: smooth pedalling due to continuous assistance at each support level

• Stable driving comfort, 36 V – 25W Bafang Modest mid-engine M300

• Hassle-free walking thanks to a walking function

Bright display on your Veloci E-bike
• USB connection: Charge your mobile phone or portable GPS with the USB port on the Bafang display

• Central C10 display with five assistance levels and useful information for your rides

• BRIO & VIVO LED Lights with automated on and off function


• Always sit comfortably upright

• 700C lightweight aluminium frame

• Weight including battery: 24 kg